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Regulus Black is a fifth-year Slytherin – but then, what other House would he be in, given his family’s legacy in that regard? (The Sorting Hat did strongly consider Ravenclaw, but after his brother’s lovely example, Regulus wasn’t sure he could risk it and survive his first Christmas hols home.)
He’s a prefect, as much because he’s well-suited to the leadership position as because Professor Slughorn does like surrounding himself with influential people. (And after that whole bit where Sirius went and got himself disinherited, Regulus is definitely going to be the influential one.) He has a reputation for thinking himself better than most of his classmates – and, well, to an extent he does. He is, after all, proud of his heritage. But a lot of that reputation is inherited.
He keeps an eye on politics of all sorts, including Voldemort’s movement, though at the moment, he’s not sure who he wants to throw his lot in with; all told, he’s not sure that killing the entire opposition will work any better than maintaining the Ministry of Magic’s status quo (after all, didn’t they just get rid of the last Dark Lord about thirty years ago?).
His mother is pressuring him to go out for quidditch; his cousin Bella is pressuring him to join the Death Eaters, yes, now, Regulus, this is far too important to wait until you’ve left school. All told, he could really use a place to figure out what he wants.

Regulus Black is from the Harry Potter series, and belongs to JK Rowling. This is a nonprofit-funtimes RP journal.
Please do not futurespoil Regulus regarding his death.

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